Scouting is proud to offer young people amazing adventures and opportunities to learn skills for life and as a District we have the equipment and expertise to offer our groups and young people access to a number of different types of adventurous activities.

Last year, we announced that Elliot Rogers, Scout Leader at the 19th Whitley Bay had been appointed our new Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) for Adventurous Activities. Elliot has put together a small team to support him in this role, building on their areas of expertise and interest in outdoors and adventurous activities.

The team are:

  • Jonathan Mobberley (Nights Away Advisor)
  • Peter Nugent (Sailing)
  • Michael Alderson (Climbing)
  • Stuart Reid (Archery)
  • Paul Grange (Archery)
  • David Eardley (Hillwalking)

You can read more about each of the team and who they are on our Adventurous Activities webpage.

The team are busy working on a number of projects at the moment and they hope to be able to share more details with you soon.

If you’re an adult volunteer in Whitley Bay and District Scouts they’ll be getting in touch with you to share a short survey asking for your thoughts on Adventurous Activities, if you’ve tried activities before in your group and if so, which ones, and what activities you may like to do more of in the future.

Please do take a few minutes to complete this survey once you receive it. It will help the team to understand what extra support they can offer that may be helpful.

If you have an interest in adventurous activities and would like to get more involved, or you think you may have skills or instructor experience you’d be willing to share, please do get in touch with Elliot on